When Was Your Financial Awakening?

When Was Your Financial Awakening

Financial awakening is an interesting and important concept in personal finance. Chances are, you are this blog and others like it because you’re interested in the subject of personal finance. It could be because reading about personal finance is enjoyable. Or perhaps you’re looking for knowledge to achieve a specific financial objective, whether it is … Read more

How the Office Environment Can Impact Employee Engagement

Organizations today face challenges on how to build and maintain employee engagement. In the absence of a positive work environment, employees can feel unheard, disengaged, and unable to give their best. In a positive work environment, they can be most engaged and productive, which gives organizations a competitive advantage. Here are some of the ways … Read more

Frugal Living Tips: Use Them to Save Money and Pay off Debt

frugal living tips

Whether you are thinking about paying off debt, saving money, reaching financial goals, or simply adopting the mindset of living a frugal life, these best frugal living tips will help you on your journey. What does frugal living mean? Simply put, frugal living is living with intention. You prioritize spending money on things that matter to you … Read more

Frugal vs Cheap: Differences Explained

frugal vs cheap

Frugal and Cheap are two popular words in personal finance. Frugal vs Cheap are like two siblings. Although they are synonyms, there are still key differences between the two. This blog post will help you understand the major differences between frugal and cheap. Before we dive into the specific details, it may be beneficial to … Read more

The 21 Reasons You May be Broke

The 21 Reasons You May be Broke

Here are 21 reasons you may be broke. Read through the list to see which ones apply to you (hopefully none)! As a Financial Wellness Coach, I get to meet all sorts of amazing people in various stages of brokenness. Some of them have significant debt that they don’t know how to get a handle … Read more

How to Get Rich from Nothing

How to Get Rich from Nothing

Are you curious about how to get rich from nothing? This article offers you some great strategies for you to accomplish this goal. Although some of us were born with a silver spoon, many people (including myself) were not born rich. However, just because our families aren’t wealthy doesn’t mean that we cannot become rich. … Read more

How to Become an Online Professor

How to Become an Online Professor

Curious to know how to become an online professor? Read on! Even before the pandemic, online college courses have seen explosive growth. Many college-age students who move on campus for their education will still end up participating in online classes while enrolled. In the modern era, online education provides great flexibility for busy students who … Read more

How Safe is Blockchain? Blockchain Security Guide

How Safe is Blockchain

How safe is blockchain technology? It has proven to be a powerful technology for protecting the integrity of vital information. But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. The technology has become increasingly prevalent in recent years as the cryptocurrency markets have moved toward centre stage. One reason for its rapid adoption is that blockchain is … Read more