Timeshare Purchases 2021: How to Get the Best Bang for your Buck

With $10 billion a year in timeshare purchases (yes, billions!) Americans are spending more money buying vacation ownerships than Major League Baseball’s total annual revenue! This article, by a timeshare owner for other potential owners, will help you make a purchase that’s a great value for money. If you’re thinking to yourself, “What is a … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Vacation Packages

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Vacations can be expensive. You’re buying not only flights but paying for somewhere to stay, and activities to do while you’re there. Maintaining a travel budget can be difficult. However, combining purchases, for instance, using vacation packages, can help reduce costs and maybe even get some great discounts on things to do. What Exactly Are … Read more

Women: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You in Retirement

When the team at Harbor Life Settlements set out to better understand viewpoints on retirement planning, life insurance, and life settlements, we weren’t expecting to uncover a gender gap. But that’s exactly what happened. Our 2020 Life Settlement and Retirement Survey, answered by more than 1,700 adults around the country, revealed some unsettling differences between … Read more

3 Workouts to Get You Healthier


Humans have adopted much more sedentary lifestyles. Instead of going out to farm food for dinner and doing almost everything from scratch, more and more people do jobs where they sit for eight hours a day and move a lot less than their ancestors did. Back then, people didn’t really have to add exercising into … Read more

Technology Tips for Professionals with Disabilities

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Are you tired of getting stuck in dead-end jobs due to your disability? People with disabilities tend to have less job security, fewer hours, and lower pay than non-disabled employees ‑ and that’s when they can find work at all. However, as the accommodations disabled workers have long advocated for go mainstream, including the ability … Read more