Monthly Update – June 2020

accomplishments like flowers

Good morning my dear readers! Today is the first day of July. This means that it is time for some self-reflection on what I have and have not accomplished in June 2020. I can’t believe how fast time has passed. Please see below for my Monthly Update – June 2020 edition. Key milestones achieved I … Read more

The Most SEO-UNfriendly Blog Post of All Time

I am skipping a proper introduction, because doing so would make it more SEO-friendly. I am using Yoast to help me assess how bad this blog post is. The key phrase for this post is “SEO-unfriendly”. This blog post deserves its crown because it: Is less than 300 words Actually, do you know how hard … Read more

Tips to Navigate through COVID-19

lighthouse by sea

It has been a few months since COVID-19 first showed its lethal teeth to the humankind. Although the worst part seems to be behind us and people have in general felt more optimistic, the pandemic is still not yet over. Navigating through this unfamiliar territory is daunting. Below are some tips that I have used … Read more