6 Best At-Home Money Habits

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Hello my dear readers! I have talked at-length about my personal reflection on the pandemic and provided some tips on how to navigate through the crisis, so no more of those this time. Today, I am going to be more forward-looking. I’d like to talk about all the money-saving habits that I have inadvertently cultivated … Read more

TFSA 101

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Hello my dear readers! Today feels like another personal finance day. I’d like to take this opportunity to demystify TFSA, a great savings vehicle that the government of Canada has provided to its residents since 2009. It is a vast topic, so I’d like to first focus on what this vehicle is and its benefits … Read more

Credit Cards: Pros and Cons

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What are credit cards? Credit cards are ubiquitous nowadays. What are credit cards? You may ask, if you are new to the financial world. Simply put, credit cards are cards that allow you to borrow money to buy things. This is in contrary to debit cards, which you can only use if your bank account … Read more

Credit Card Annual Fee Spreadsheet

Hello my readers! Today, I’d like to share with you a simple yet effective spreadsheet for personal finance. It helps you assess whether you should pay the annual fee on a credit card or not. For starters – free is the way to go There are a myriad of credit card options available for us … Read more

Millionaire Spreadsheet

Hello my dear readers! Would you like to know what it takes to be a millionaire? Well, you can now use my simple spreadsheet to find out! This spreadsheet contains two calculators: one will show you at what age you will become a millionaire, and the other will show you the annual savings needed if … Read more