Drop App Review 2024: How does Drop Work?

If you are looking to have some extra money in your pocket, you should add Drop to your phone. This Drop app review will help you decide if this is the app for you.

Drop is one of the best cash-back apps that allow you to earn free rewards by simply shopping through the app. However, similar to platforms like Swagbucks, it has two additional ways to earn cash back rewards: completing surveys and playing games.

Downloading and using the Drop app is truly effortless. It is one of the easiest and most popular apps out there to make some extra money on the side. As such, I thought it’d be beneficial to write a comprehensive Drop app review to help you decide if you should download this app to your phone.

Free Drop app FAQ: Big questions

This review on the Drop app will cover every little thing you want to know about this cash-back rewards app. You will discover what it is, if it is legitimate, how to sign up, and how to make money with this platform.

What is Drop?

Drop is coalition customer loyalty program app that allows you to collect points for things you shop for. As an app user, you simply shop via the app, and you can collect points to redeem for gift cards. Super easy, isn’t it?

Is Drop really free to use?

Yes, Drop is completely free! It does not cost anything to sign up, and it does not cost anything to use the app. No annual fee, no hidden fee, no nothing.

How can Drop sustain itself? Is it a legitimate app? Is the Drop app safe?

Many people ask, “Is Drop legit?” After all, money has to come from somewhere if they are giving out cash rewards right?

This is a valid concern, but rest assured that Drop is a legit app. According to Drop’s website, so far, 3 million people have registered with Drop. I am also one of the 3 million registered users, and my experience so far has been really positive.

The Drop has been around for many years (it was founded in 2015), and it is not a scam. The key to their business model is that they act as the bridge between brands and consumers.

On one side, you have companies who are eager to showcase their brands and products to consumers. On the other side, you have consumers who are looking for a good deal. Drop acts as a liaison between the two and works with the brands to give you the rewards that you want. By using the app, you can easily get the products you want with a great cash-back, the brands can make a sale, and Drop gets to be a happy medium providing valuable service for both parties. This is the definition of a win-win-win situation.

Does Drop really give you money?

Yes, of course! Drop does give you money! The money is stored in the form of Drop points. Once you earn enough points in your Drop wallet, you can then redeem them for gift cards to popular retailers, such as Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Apple, Sephora, you name it.

The conversion rate is 1,000 reward points for $1. For 50,000, you can earn a $50 gift card.

Here is a sample lift of gift cards that you can redeem:

  • Starbucks gift card
  • Groupon
  • Apple
  • GAP
  • Macy’s
  • Amazon
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • etc, etc.

How does the Drop app work? How can one earn Drop points?

Here are a bit more details about exactly how you can get gift card rewards.

Shop via Drop

This is Drop’s bread-and-butter. Drop has partnered with hundreds of your favourite vendors to offer you the best opportunities to get rewarded for doing your shopping through the app.

You can expect to get 10 to 40 points per $1 of purchase.

Boosted offers

In addition to your regular shopping options, you can earn extra points through “boosted offers”. It is not unusual to see vendors offer 30-50% more points for boosted offers. For example, an offer that typically gives you 30 points per $1 spent can go up to as high as 60 points per the same dollar spent. That makes it much faster to collect enough points to redeem for gift cards.

Flash deals

Drop also offers flash deals, which are limited-time offers to complete certain actions. These deals can be incredibly valuable for bonus points. For example, you could earn 1,000 points if you link your bank account to Drop. There is a time limit for these deals, so if you want to gain extra points, you should act fast.

Complete a survey

In addition to shopping offers, Drop also gives out points if you complete surveys. The surveys can be as short as 3 minutes, but they can be as long as 30 minutes in some examples. Of course, depending on the length of the survey, the payouts differ. For a 3-minute survey, you can expect to earn around 25 points. However, for the longer ones, you can earn up to 2,500 points.

Play games

Yes, you read it right. You can earn Drop points by simply playing games. By simply downloading the games shown in the app and completing the required tasks, you can get rewarded. The point rewards vary depending on the task, but for some, you can earn as much as 35K! It is certainly challenging, but it is doable and can be a ton of fun.

Do Drop points expire?

Nope. Drop points do not expire!

Linking your credit or debit card can be essential to earning points. It is highly recommended that you link your credit or debit card to take advantage of many in-app offers that are otherwise not available. It will also help Drop to curate your experience with brands you already know and love.

Drop uses the same encryption technology used by major banks, so you can be rest assured that your data is safe. You can learn more about Drop’s security procedures here.

Drop App Review: the Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is fairly straightforward. Here are the steps. I am also going to include some pictures to walk you through the process visually.

Go to Drop

The link in the title will take you straight to the Drop page. No more need for googling!

Drop app review install page

You will then be led to the sign-up page. As shown in the screenshot below, you can sign up for your Drop account with your email address or your Facebook account.

Drop app review sign up page

Here is the sign-up page if you selected “Sign up with email”.

Drop app review email sign up

Here is the page if you want to sign up with Facebook:

Drop app review facebook sign up

That’s it! After you log in, will be led to your Drop page.

Next, you should link at least one of your debit or credit cards to your Drop account. This is where the entire magic of the Drop program lies and how Drop differentiates itself from other free apps.

Drop is a shopping-base experience, so linking a card will allow you to make purchases seamlessly through the system. It will also ensure that you get the most offers and that you get credit for every item you buy.

Drop uses the same encryption technology used by major banks and financial apps like Mint, Acorns, and Robinhood. This means that your bank login credentials are never stored on Drop’s servers, and your transactional and personal data is securely encrypted with both hardware and software encryption.

Choose your top 5 brands

Drop app will then ask you to choose 5 of your favourite brands. You can automatically earn points for them whenever you shop with your linked credit and debit cards. Note that you can still earn points with offers from other vendors as well. This feature is simply designed to simplify the process for the places you most frequently shop at.

You can choose from a wide variety of brands like Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, Trader Joes, and more!

Get rewarded for shopping

You can now start to earn rewards!

Drop App Review: the Referral Program

Drop also has a referral program for its users. Each time you refer a friend who is new to Drop and have earned their first 1,000 drop points, both you and your friend get at least 5,000 points, worth $5! This is totally a win-win situation, isn’t it!

Note that your friend must earn 1000 points through the “Shop” offer. Points from surveys are ineligible towards the 1000 points; however, your friend can use the survey points to redeem for free gift cards per usual.

Who is the Drop app for?

Are you still wondering if the Drop app is for you? Answer the following questions for yourself:

Do I do shop online?

At the end of the day, Drop is primarily a cashback app for online shopping. If you don’t shop online at all, then this app may not necessarily be for you.
Keep in mind that you can still earn cash back bonus through surveys or games. However, if this is your primary interest, I recommend that you use platforms like Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks.

Will I remember to shop through Drop?

You have to be honest with yourself on this one. You can only benefit from the app if you remember to shop through the app. I had trouble remembering when I first signed up, so I kept a note on my home page until it became instinctive. I recommend that you do the same.

Am I looking to make $1000 in a week?

If the answer is yes, then earning cash-back from shopping online isn’t for you. But if you are only looking to make some money on the side when you have some downtime, then it can be a great thing to add to your life.

Can I become addicted to Drop shopping?

Changing your shopping habits slightly by making your purchases through Drop to earn cash-back is great; however, you shouldn’t download the app if you feel like you may be at risk of over-shopping. The retailers will be eager to showcase their best products in the app. If you find it difficult to resist every single product that retailers want you to buy, then you may be better off not downloading the app. Your wallet will thank you.

Alternatives to Drop

Of course, Drop isn’t the only app that rewards you for some simple actions. Below are a few comparable ones. They have all been around for quite some time, and all have a solid reputation.

Join Rakuten to earn cash-back rebates

Rakuten, formally known as Ebates, is another popular online cash-back shopping site in Canada and the US. Rakuten has more than 2,500 stores from a wide array of categories listed, including many well-known brands like Dell, Walmart, Chapter-Indigo, and even Amazon. Some vendors even offer discounts on top of the cash-back. I have been using Rakuten since 2016, and have always been happy with the cash-back!

To get a free cash bonus with your first qualifying purchase:

If you are in the US: sign up here.

If you are in Canada: sign up here!

Add a browser extension

If you are looking to save money, consider adding a browser extension like Honey. They can easily help you find coupons and automatically apply them to your purchases so you can always get the best deals.

Want to earn 500 Gold ($5 equivalent) when you make your first qualifying purchase? Sign up for Honey today!

Use Ibotta to earn cash-back for your purchases

Ibotta (iOS or Android) is a popular free cashback shopping app in the US. You can earn cash-back for all purchases made through ibotta.

iOS users: sign up here!

Android users: sign up here!

Check out the ibotta review to learn more!

Use Fetch Rewards to earn rewards on grocery runs

Fetch Rewards is one of the best grocery shopping apps in the US that allows you to earn free rewards on everyday grocery runs. By simply snapping pictures of your receipts and upload them, you will be able to enjoy free rewards on groceries and thousands of products every day.

Check out my comprehensive Fetch Rewards review to learn more!

Active Ways of Making Money Online

If you are looking for more ways to make money and are okay with spending a bit more time, then you may want to try some survey sites as well. Below are a few most popular ones out there. These are some of the best side hustle ideas that I recommend:


MyPoints is an excellent place to get paid for answering surveys and influencing brands. What I especially like about MyPoints is that it also rewards you with points if you print off coupons from their site. Yes, you read it right. You can access coupons to help you save money, and the site will reward you for it! What’s not to like about this arrangement? That sounds like a good deal to me!

If you are curious to learn more about MyPoints, head to my MyPoints review!


Swagbucks is another popular paid survey site. It is an ideal platform if you are looking to fill up little pockets of your time throughout the day with money-making tasks.

The surveys on Swagbucks can be as short as 10-15 minutes.

In addition to surveys, Swagbucks also lets you earn points through tasks like searching the web, watching videos, playing games, or even shopping at your favourite sites.

To learn more about this free membership platform, check out my complete Swagbucks review!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is yet another popular place where you can earn gift cards with surveys. By sharing your opinions to help brands deliver better products and services, you will also get rewarded with your time.

Curious about this platform? You will not want to miss my Survey Junkie review!

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another popular survey site. You can earn Opinion Outpost points by completing surveys, testing products, watching ads, and completing real-world missions.

Check out my comprehensive Opinion Outpost reviews to learn more!

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the highest paying survey sites out there. Depending on the survey lengths and genre, you can get paid $3 or more per survey.

This platform was one of the very first survey sites that I tried when I was still a student struggling to find ways to pay for my college tuition. The extra cheques in the mail (yes, they actually sent out cheques!) always brightened my day.

Of course, Pinecone has evolved a lot since then. It now has an accessible survey app that you can use to take surveys no matter where you are.

The platform also holds giveaways and sweepstakes for all its members. Fingers crossed and I hope you win!

Asking Canadians

If you are in Canada, Asking Canadians is another source of online survey jobs. For each survey you complete, you will receive loyalty points. The types of loyalty points you can earn include AC PointsHudson’s Bay Rewards† pointsAeroplan® MilesPetro-Points™ or VIA Préférence™. You can also choose to enter contests and draws instead of receiving points.

Drop App Review: Final Words

This is it! My comprehensive Drop app review. Is Drop worth it if you want to try a cash-back app? Absolutely. It is a super easy-to-use app for you to make some extra money off the things you are buying!

Excited to give it a try? Download Drop today and start earning cash back!


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