4 Employees You Should Have in Your Law Firm

For anyone looking to start your own law firm, this post will help you understand what legal supporting roles will be needed to help you succeed!

There has been a vast increase in the number of people going freelance and starting their businesses over the last few years. From language teachers going freelance to engineers switching careers and becoming hair product entrepreneurs, it seems that the opportunities are endless for young adults everywhere.

You might have had the same thoughts running inside your head for quite some time.

Why not start your law firm if you’ve got the experience and expertise under your belt!

But before you take that step forward, have you thought about the personnel needed to operate the law firm?

While being the boss and overseeing others might be tempting, read on to find out the four key human resources you need to help you with your day-day tasks!

1. Paralegal

In general, paralegals offer support to lawyers in whatever tasks are demanded.

Many undertake research-related tasks, while others write legal documents. They also work as fact-checkers and are the contact points with the court or the client.

Many of them also undertake clerical duties like cataloging and organizing documents chronologically or by subject matter using specific computer software or a document management system.

Other tasks include searching specific topics or keywords of case documents based on each case.

Moreover, paralegals might attend trials, in some cases, to give support to lawyers as needed. Many paralegals also specialize in a specific area of law, such as bankruptcy, divorce, or criminal.

So depending on what type of law firm you want to run, you can hire a specialized paralegal equipped with specific knowledge.

2. Legal Secretary

The main job of legal secretaries is to support lawyers in administrative and clerical functions.

Many spend their time typing correspondence, answering phone calls, and filing legal materials and documents of the firm’s cases.

They also proofread documents and make sure essential filing deadlines are not missed. Others will additionally schedule all appointments and hearings and prepare travel arrangements.

Many legal secretaries will need to prepare financial reports as well as maintain the lawyer’s timesheet in their calendar.

Furthermore, you might want to hire a fresh graduate as a start so that they can help you with research, review of law journals, and other documents.

3. IT Specialist

IT directors or specialists are responsible for upgrading and improving a firm’s computer systems.

With today’s state-of-the-art technology, lawyers would want to access their important documents and information from their mobiles, besides their laptops and computers. That’s where IT specialists, like web developers, can provide their expertise.

An IT Specialist or a Computer Systems Administrator would manage the employee’s work stations, email, and data storage systems and make sure they are appropriately connected to the network.

Moreover, security and confidentiality must be maintained at all times. That’s why the IT specialist will create a document management system software to ensure your information is kept out of reach from unauthorized personnel.

4. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers keep track of and maintain the financial records of the law firm.

They are in charge of preparing and sending out invoices, collecting payments, ensuring overdue payments are dealt with, and sometimes procurement of office equipment.

There’s no denying the importance of law firm bookkeeping; keeping track of financial reports for management is crucial to check the health of the firm’s finances.

These reports guide management to determine which cases they can accept and deny while also deciding where to allocate staff to increase efficiency.

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