My First Financial Diet Article

Good evening my dear readers! I am very excited to announce that my first article is now live on The Financial Diet! I have been a long-time fan for the site and their YouTube channel, so I feel incredibly honoured to be a contributor.

This blog is still fairly new, so the contents probably aren’t reaching as many viewers as a more established site. However, I do believe that I have something useful to share with people. Therefore, I am super happy that The Financial Diet has given me the opportunity spread the tips and tricks around. Of course, in addition to leveraging larger platforms, I am also committed to writing quality posts on this blog on a regular basis. As I said in my first ever blog post, I am contributing to my own blog at least once a week. I sincerely hope that people will soon discover and follow my blog, and gain something out of it.

A bit about my article:

My article on The Financial Diet documents the journey that I embarked on to save $1,400 of recurring expenses every year. The methods I used are less well-known, but they can potentially bring some huge benefits to your life. All you need is some time to investigate. You may be able to reap the benefit of your hard work.

COVID-19 is a sad period of our lives, but at the same time, it has given us a lot more time to reflect, to pursue our hobbies and interests at home, and to put things in order. Why not spend some time looking through your finances and see if you can improve your financial health?

Please check out the article to find out about the details of my methods. I hope you enjoy the article and find it helpful. Please leave me a comment below if you want to share with me and my readers any additional money saving tips!

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