MyPoints Review 2024: Is MyPoints Legitimate to Make Money Online?

This comprehensive MyPoints review will help you decide if this is the right platform for you to make extra money online.

If you are looking to earn extra cash on the side, you should consider joining MyPoints. Joining the site is completely free. You can use MyPoints anywhere, from your home to your local coffee shop, or even on your way to work. All you need is a computer or a phone and a stable internet connection either through your home wifi or phone data plan. Although you may not get rich quickly by using MyPoints, you can earn at least a few extra dollars on this platform every month whenever you are bored at home. You also get to have some fun at the same time, too, !

MyPoints is one of the most popular sites to earn money online. By using the platform, you can earn pocket money if you take surveys, watch videos, play games, and even read emails. I thought it would be a good idea for me to write a comprehensive review on MyPoints to help you decide if you should jump on this train.

MyPoints Review: frequently asked questions

This review on MyPoints will cover every little thing you want to know about this money-making platform. You will discover what it is, if it is legitimate, how to sign up, and how to earn money with this platform.

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a rewards and loyalty program operator. Members of MyPoints can earn points which can then be used to redeem free gift cards. You perform specific actions based on the requests from the platform and get rewarded for your time and effort.

Is MyPoints really free to use?

Yes, MyPoints is completely free! It does not cost anything to sign up, and it does not cost anything to complete any activities that are available on the platform.

Is MyPoints legit? Is it a legitimate site to make money?

Many people may ask this question, “Is MyPoints legit?” After all, the members are getting rewards from MyPoints. The money has to come from somewhere, right?

This is a completely valid concern, but rest assured that MyPoints is a legitimate business. It has been around since 1996, and has been rewarding its customers even since its inception. It has been featured in The New York Times, ABC News, Yahoo!, and other credible sites. MyPoints also currently holds an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Its parent company is Prodege, which also operates another popular survey site, Swagbucks.

So far, MyPoints have had 10 million active members, and have rewarded their members over $236 million in gift cards and PayPal cash since 1996. It is definitely not a scam.

The key to their business model is advertising and collaborating with consumer-facing vendors.

As you can see, MyPoints has a large membership base. Therefore, companies are willing to spend money building partnerships with MyPoints to test out ideas, advertise their products and services, and gather opinions that will be the input for their product development.

Does MyPoints really give you money?

Yes, MyPoints does give you money! However, instead of directly depositing the amounts earned straight into your bank account like your regular 9-5 employer, MyPoints requires that you first accumulate Points and then use the Points to redeem for retailer gift cards or PayPal payments.

You can choose from any of the following:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Walmart
  • Starbucks
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Banana Republic
  • Best Buy
  • Delta Air Lines
  • United MileagePlus 
  • Barnes & Noble (check out my Ultimate Personal Finance Book List to see what books to get!)
  • and so many more!

How do you make money on MyPoints?

There are five different ways you can earn Points on MyPoints to get rewards: you can take surveys, watch videos, shop online, play games, and read emails!

Taking surveys

This is the main way to make pocket money online with MyPoints. Market research companies love to know what consumers are thinking about. Therefore, they work with MyPoints to collect members’ opinions through surveys to better understand how receptive their target markets are to their products and services. Each time MyPoints finds a survey that matches your profile, they will send you an invitation. You can complete then complete the paid surveys via either the MyPoints mobile app or the MyPoints website. The MyPoints app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Watching videos

Another way you can make money with MyPoints is by watching videos. You can earn up to 500 Points per day watching fun videos.

Shopping online

For every dollar you spent at top retailers, you can earn 25 Points or more per dollar. You can also earn points by merely printing off some of the coupons that MyPoints provides!

Playing games

You can also play games and earn 10 Points per dollar spent in games. If you are already playing the games, why not do it through the MyPoints platform and earn some extra gift cards!

Reading emails

MyPoints will also send you emails with specific instructions. Simply read emails and visit their partners and you can earn 5 Points per action.

Can other members of my household become members of MyPoints as well?

Yes, absolutely. However, each individual in your household must have their own account. It is against MyPoints’ terms of service to have more than one account per member.

MyPoints Review: the sign-up process

The sign-up process is very simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Go to MyPoints

The link in the title will take you straight to MyPoints’ sign-up page. No more need for googling!

You will arrive at a page that looks like the below. Simply enter your name, email and your password, and click “Join MyPoints”.

MyPoints review: sign up page

Verify your account

After you sign up, MyPoints will send you an email to verify your email address. Click on “verify now” in the email to verify your account, and you will be taken to your MyPoints homepage. You are now all set, and it is time to make some extra cash!

Begin earning!

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are different categories from which you can earn money. Select the category that you want to try (e.g., Surveys), and you can follow the instructions and begin earning!

MyPoints review categories

How to qualify for surveys

To qualify for surveys in MyPoints, you will first have to fill out your demographics information. This ensures that the platform can find you surveys that are right for you. After all, neither your nor the vendors would want to waste time on surveys that aren’t a good fit, right?

You will need answer your profile questions such as the following:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Postal code
  • Level of education
  • Marital status
  • Whether you rent or own
  • Information of kids (e.g., how many and their ages)
  • Ethnicity
  • Employment status
  • General information about your employer

Of course, if you don’t feel like answering a particular question, you can also skip it. Keep in mind, however, that if you skip too many questions, then MyPoints may not find as many surveys for you as you’d like.

How many surveys you get depends on your demographics

The number of surveys you get depends on your demographics. Companies have a quota in mind when they run surveys, and they want to make sure that the respondents fit into their target market. After all, it doesn’t make sense for a company specializing in female products to run a survey in which 80% of the participants are male. At the end of the day, MyPoints can only operate if they can fulfil the requests of the companies.

Overall, I’d say that taking surveys on their platform is very pleasant, even for beginners. One nice thing about MyPoints is that it tells you how much time it will take to complete each survey, and how many Points you can get. This way, you can set aside enough time to complete a survey in one sitting, and you can calculate for yourself whether a particular survey is worth the effort or not.

How to earn cash through MyPoints

You collect points for any actions completed

For any actions completed on the MyPoints platform, you will be rewarded pointed . You will know exactly how many points you can get for each action, whether it is taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, or shopping.

Points can be redeemed in $5 increments

The lowest level of rewards is $5, which is equivalent to 700 Points. Some vendors, however, may require a higher threshold (up to 790 Points). There is no waiting period to redeem points. As soon as you have earned enough to redeem for a gift card, you can do so right away!

Here is a screenshot of some of the rewards available. As you can see, there are lots of vendors to choose from!

MyPoints review: rewards page

The gift cards go on sale, too

A unique feature of the MyPoints prizes is that they go on sale too! For example, instead of spending 790 points for a $5 gift card, you may only have to spend 700. You may want to wait to redeem gift cards when they are on sale and get a bigger bang for your buck!

Head to MyPoints now and start earning points!

MyPoints’ referral program

MyPoints also has a refer-and-earn program. Each time a friend accepts your invitation, you get 25 Points for free. Also, when your friend spends $20 or more through the platform, your friend earns 1,750 Points and you can earn 750 Points. Finally, for all eligible Points your friend earns, you earn 10%! This is a very sweet deal, isn’t it!

To make the deal even sweeter, MyPoints does not have a limit on the number of referrals you can give. This means you can send out unlimited invitations for unlimited rewards!

Alternatives to MyPoints

Of course, MyPoints isn’t the only reputable online platform from which you can make legitimate money. There are many free sites that you can try as well. All of the ones listed below have been around for quite some time, and they all have a solid reputation. These are some of the best side hustles that you can do.


Swagbucks is another popular paid survey site. It is an ideal platform if you are looking to fill up little pockets of your time throughout the day with money-making tasks.

There are many ways you can make money on Swagbucks. You can take surveys, search the web, play games, watch videos, or shop on your favourite sites. The surveys on Swagbucks can be as short as 10-15 minutes. 

To learn more about this free membership platform, check out my complete Swagbucks review!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is yet another popular place where you can earn gift cards with surveys. By sharing your opinions to help brands deliver better products and services, you will get online rewards for your time.

Curious about this platform? You will not want to miss my Survey Junkie review!

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the highest paying survey sites out there. Depending on the survey lengths and genre, you can get paid $3 or more per survey.

This platform was one of the very first survey sites that I tried when I was still a student struggling to find ways to pay for my college tuition. The extra cheques in the mail (yes, they actually sent out cheques!) always brightened my day.

Of course, Pinecone has evolved a lot since then. It now has an accessible survey app that you can use to take surveys no matter where you are.

The platform also holds giveaways and sweepstakes for all its members. Fingers crossed and I hope you win!

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another popular survey site. The best way to make money on this platform is to complete surveys, but you can also earn points by testing products, watching ads, and completing real-world missions.

You can check out my comprehensive Opinion Outpost review to learn more!

Asking Canadians

If you are in Canada, Asking Canadians is another source of online survey jobs. For each survey you complete, you will receive loyalty points. The types of loyalty points you can earn include AC PointsHudson’s Bay Rewards† pointsAeroplan® MilesPetro-Points™ or VIA Préférence™. You can also choose to enter contests and draws instead of receiving points.

Is MyPoints for me?

How do you determine if MyPoints is for you? Answer the following questions for yourself:

Am I looking to make $1000 fast in a week?

If the answer is yes, then making some money online through MyPoints isn’t for you. Making money on MyPoints is ideal for a secondary stream of income, but it’d be difficult to survive on MyPoints alone. However, if you are only looking to earn a little extra cash when you have some downtime, then what MyPoints offers can be what you are looking for.

Do I enjoy taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, etc?

Nobody likes to be stuck with doing things they don’t like doing. Only join MyPoints if you think you will enjoy the tasks

Do I have time in my life for MyPoints?

Completing missions on MyPoints doesn’t typically take a long time, but it still takes some time. If you are already working 2 jobs or feeling stressed out already with everything that is going on in your life, take a deep breath, and focus on your other priorities first. We all need to manage our time well.

By the way, if you want to improve your time management skills, you may want to check out a super simple yet useful tool called the Eisenhower Matrix

How to make money using other apps or websites

If, in addition to taking surveys, you are also interested in exploring other ways of making money from home, then there are several good alternatives as well. These alternatives require similar or even less effort as surveys. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for people who only have small pockets of time throughout the day.

Use Drop to earn gift cards

Drop is a free app that rewards you for shopping at your favourite brands. It is a well-established app with over 3 million members. It is rewarding and fun, but remember that even if you have extra money, you should only spend it on items you need.

Sign up for Drop here!

Check out my Drop app review to learn more!

Join Rakuten to earn cash-back rebates

Rakuten, formally known as Ebates, is another popular online cash-back shopping site in Canada and the US. Rakuten has more than 2,500 stores from a wide array of categories listed, including many well-known brands like Dell, Walmart, Chapter-Indigo, and even Amazon. Some vendors even offer discounts on top of the cash-back.

To get a free cash bonus with your first qualifying purchase:

If you are in the US: sign up here.

If you are in Canada: sign up here!

Use Ibotta to earn cash-back for your purchases

Ibotta is a popular free cashback app in the US. You can earn cash-back for all purchases made through ibotta.

iOS users: sign up here!

Android users: sign up here!

Check out the ibotta review to learn more!

Use Fetch Rewards for your groceries

If you are looking to earn cash back on groceries, then Fetch Rewards is a great app to have. Here is my review on Fetch Rewards to help you decide if this is the right app for you.

Things to remember when making money online

The online world can be a fascinating place. But we all need to remember to protect ourselves. Here are the key things to remember when you are trying to side hustle online.

Instal anti-malware software on your computer

This should be a no-brainer, but it is worth reiterating. You want to protect your computer and your personal information at all times.

Do not click on suspicious links

If you see a link that looks suspicious, please don’t click on it. This is another situation where you should listen to your guts. If you aren’t sure, ask your family or friends for a second opinion before clicking on it.

Chances are if you have to ask someone else for another opinion, you already have your answer. Delete that email, now!

Give your eyes a break

Taking online surveys or using cash-back sites can put some strains on your eyes. Don’t forget to give your eyes a break once in a while. Eye pain is not fun!

Remember to be patient

Patience is key. Any promises to making a lot of money fast are scams. Be patient, and you will see real money gradually come.

Enjoy the process

Making some money online via online surveys or cash-back sites is fun and exciting. It shouldn’t feel like a burden. Enjoy the process, and smile!

Remember that by taking surveys, not only are you earning some side income, you are also providing valuable feedback to companies so they can develop better products and services. You are effectively making consumers’ lives better with your contribution. That feels pretty good, isn’t it?

Final Words on MyPoints

This is it! My complete MyPoints review. By simply playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping, you can have a new way to earn a little cash. Is MyPoints worth it if you want to give it a try? Definitely! It is a fantastic platform for you to make some extra side-income during TV commercial breaks, while you wait for your water to boil, or on your commute to and back from work.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a MyPoints account today!


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