The Most SEO-UNfriendly Blog Post of All Time

The Most SEO-UNfriendly Blog Post of All Time

I am skipping a proper introduction, because doing so would make it more SEO-friendly. I am using Yoast to help me assess how bad this blog post is. The key phrase for this post is “SEO-unfriendly”. This blog post deserves its crown because it: Is less than 300 words Actually, do you know how hard … Read more

TFSA Optimization Strategies

Hello my dear readers! Today I am providing another blog posts on Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). This time, I am going to focus on TFSA optimization strategies so you can pay as little tax as possible for your overall portfolio. I have talked at length about what TFSA is in TFSA 101, so if you … Read more

Save with Credit Cards: Strategies Explained

Save with Credit Cards – Strategies Explained

“What??!” You might exclaim. “I have only heard of credit cards being a big trap for overspending, and you are telling me that you can use credit cards to save money?” Yes indeed. If you are careful with how you use your credit cards, these nice pieces of plastic can help you boost your bank … Read more

6 Best At-Home Money Habits

Best At-Home Money Habits

Here are 6 best money habits you can cultivate at home to help you save money and lead a frugal life. I have talked at-length about my personal reflection on the pandemic and provided some tips on how to navigate through the crisis, so no more of those this time. Today, I am going to … Read more

Tips to Navigate through COVID-19

Tips to Navigate through COVID-19

It has been over a year since COVID-19 first showed its lethal teeth to the humankind. Here are some top tips to help you navigate through the pandemic. Although the worst part seems to be behind us and people have in general felt more optimistic, the pandemic is still not yet over. Navigating through this … Read more

Jujube & Apple Porridge Recipe

Jujube Apple Porridge Recipe

Here is a simple, delicious and inexpensive porridge recipe using jujube and apple! Hello my dear readers! Today, I’d like to share with you a recipe for a glutinous rice porridge that is packed with nutrients. The star of the recipe are the jujube fruits (Chinese red dates), which are a superfood popular in many … Read more