Welcome to My Blog!

Hello readers,

Welcome to my blog! I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog for probably a few years already. Although I did start one around two years ago, the effort didn’t last that long. I have to admit that I only wrote three blog posts before deciding to abandon my original one altogether because, well, I started volunteering and taking some courses and, frankly speaking, I prioritized watching shows and funny YouTube videos over blogging.

I decided to come back to blogging because in the last few months, I have been feeling the burning desire to be useful, not just to my immediate family, friends and co-workers, but also to people that I may or may not know. Even if “being useful” is by offering something very small, like funny anecdotes that may brighten up your day like the countless YouTube videos have done for me, or some tips and tricks that you may apply to your daily lives, or a review or recommendation of something that I truly believe has value.

I am committed to writing at least one blog post a week. I am fascinated by personal finance, so I believe most of my serious contents will be on this topic. Of course, since this is an “eclectic” blog, I’d also love to post interesting things that I have encountered in my life to be shared with you all.

Thank you very much for dropping by. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I do writing it.

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