Why the Beginning of the Year is an Ideal Time to Alcohol Detox

Starting your journey into sobriety is scary and difficult. But, it’s also one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make.

While there is no perfect time to quit alcohol and drugs, the period between the end of the year and the beginning of the year is a fantastic time to start detoxing and get on the recovery path. If you want to start your year on the right footing, here are four reasons why you should join an alcohol detox program now.

New Year, New Beginnings

The New Year is a time for reflecting on past choices, making positive life changes, and celebrating a new season. This makes it the perfect time to shift your attitudes, behaviors, and habits.

The New Year is a Great Time to Bolster your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Few things damage the physical, spiritual, and mental health of an individual like alcohol and drug abuse. For you to improve personal wellness, you may need to remove these toxins from your life.

However, quitting alcohol or any other drug is not something you do casually, especially if you’re a heavy user. It takes willingness, persistence, and a bit of professional help.

 Medically supported programs, like those offered at the Infinite Recovery detox center in Austin, Texas can help you begin your physical and psychological healing in a tranquil space and with the help of experienced and compassionate professionals.

You May Have More Support and Time

During the festive season, a lot of folks take time off from school and work. You may therefore have more time to focus on your recovery. Besides, you may also have more family and friends who are willing to support you in your recovery journey.

Time for Reflection

As 2020 ends and we cross into 2021, this is an apt time to reflect on the decisions you made throughout the year and changes you may want to instigate in the next year.

How was your life? What could you have done better? Are you content with the choices you made? Is there anything that may have gotten in the way of making better decisions? Questions like these may bring you face to face with some prickly truths about yourself. This kind of self-reflection can give you insights and help you chart your recovery journey.

Once you’ve joined a detox program, here is how to ensure you succeed in remaining sober:

  • Be aware of the likely withdrawal symptoms and be willing to seek help
  • Develop a support system that can encourage you and hold you accountable
  • Seek support groups like Celebrate Recovery and Alcoholic Anonymous
  • Rethink how, where, and who you spend your time with to avoid circumstances that may lead you back to the addiction rabbit hole
  • Look for a detox center that provides inpatient and outpatient treatment that will serve you best.
  • Explore spiritual practices like prayer, journaling, yoga, and meditation; these spiritual paths can help you process your thoughts and emotions
  • Be open to professional help. People often abuse alcohol and drugs to cover underlying disorders like anxiety or depression. Therapy can help you shift these negative patterns.

You don’t need to wait for the beginning of the years to start your sobriety journey. If you’re considering detox and recovery, you can live an abundant life if you take the right steps right now.

If you have serious issues with alcohol or any other drugs, and you choose to wait for the ideal time, you will only cause yourself unnecessary suffering. You don’t need to walk the detox and recovery journey alone, there are a lot of compassionate professionals that are ready to help.

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