3 Workouts to Get You Healthier

If you’re looking for some new exercise regimens you may enjoy, here are three types of easy and free workouts to consider. 

The COVID pandemic has many implications, one of which is on our health. As we get used to working from home, we have adopted an even more sedentary lifestyle. Instead of going out to farm food for dinner and doing almost everything from scratch, more and more people do jobs where they sit for eight hours a day and move a lot less than their ancestors did. Some of us may have lost track of our ideal weight as a result. In fact, according to MarketWatch, more than 2 in 5 adults packed on more pounds than they intended over the past year.

1. Walking

This is a great workout that isn’t as “scary” as other types. If you’re just starting to be more active, walking is a great place to start. It gets you on your feet while also burning calories. Many activity-tracking watches urge you to walk or stand at least once during the hour. Fitting in small moments where you can get a few extra steps in whether it’s going to the bathroom or just taking a quick walk down the hall at work will lead to added weight loss and fat burning. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way. 

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2. Swimming

If you have access to a private pool during the pandemic, then swimming is still a great exercise to do. As bodies age, they become weaker and can’t take as much impact due to weakened joints and injuries. Swimming is a great way to get cardio in without straining your legs and other body parts with more intensive workouts. Swimming is a full-body workout that also elongates your muscles, leading to a leaner, less bulky look. If that’s a body type you desire, swimming may be a good workout to try. 

3. Taking the steps

If you live in a house, then you can try the steps a few times a week, and wait for the results. Incorporating steps into your every day movement is important, and you can also tailor workouts around steps, too. Taking the stairs strengthens your glutes, quads and hamstrings since you have to move your whole body upwards. When you work large-scale muscles, it increases your metabolism and keeps your body burning fat longer.

Final words

As human’s lifestyles have adapted and shifted over the years, bodies have gotten less healthier, and there’s been a push to lose weight and readdress living a well-balanced lifestyle. Finding a fitness plan or an exercise regimen that works for you, is essential.