Monthly Update – December 2020

happy new year

Today is the last day of December. Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021! Please see below for my Monthly Update – December 2020 edition. Publications I had one article syndicated on! 25 fun & simple things for your winter bucket list I also had two articles published on Ladders: How to help your team stay … Read more

Monthly Update – November 2020

accomplishments like flowers

Today is the last day of November, which means that it is time for a new monthly update. What a month! Please see below for my Monthly Update – November 2020 edition. Feeling-fabulous moments When I received a Silver Award on reddit! I guess I have improved slightly vs. my “All About Bananas” days. When … Read more

Monthly Update – October 2020

accomplishments like flowers

It is the last day of October. Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all have a safe and fun last day of the month. Although October and November are still technically defined as fall seasons, where I live, it already snowed. It is going to be a cold winter, I suppose. Of course, the end of … Read more

Monthly Update – September 2020

accomplishments like flowers

Time flies so fast, and it is now the first day of October. Please see below for my Monthly Update – September 2020 edition. Guest posts I had two lovely individuals (John and Patrick) who each wrote a guest post for me on my site. Check them out here: How to Write Your First Fantasy … Read more