How to Avoid Bank Fees

How to avoid bank fees

Nowadays, many banks charge fees for having a bank account or using their services. Here are some tips and tricks on how to avoid bank fees. 1. Maintain a (slightly above) minimum balance Because banks charge fees even if you dip below the minimum balance for a day, it’s best to always have a balance … Read more

First National Bank Review 2022

First National Bank review

Are you looking to open a checking account? First National Bank offers 5 different types of checking accounts. I am sure one of them will meet your needs! Who is First National Bank? First National Bank (FNB for short) is the second-largest bank based in Pennsylvania by assets. It was founded in 1864 in Greenville, … Read more

Money Saving Reminder

Frugal Living Tips: Use Them to Save Money and Pay off Debt

frugal living tips

Whether you are thinking about paying off debt, saving money, reaching financial goals, or simply adopting the mindset of living a frugal life, these best frugal living tips will help you on your journey. What does frugal living mean? Simply put, frugal living is living with intention. You prioritize spending money on things that matter to you … Read more