How to Create an Online Video Ad 

Video ads are becoming a more and more popular way to market your business. After all, who can argue with the power of video? These ads allow you to tell an engaging story that consumers will want to watch again and again.  

Creating your online video ads may seem difficult, but it’s quite simple. You just need access to some of the right software and some planning. Here is how you can create an online video ad. 

1. Grab some free stock footage 

You don’t necessarily have to spend much money on your online video ad. You can use free stock camera sites to find the right background music and sound effects that you need. The key is finding the right site with a good database that matches your needs. 

Some sites require you to pay for what you want, but others are free. Most of them allow you to combine videos online comfortably. 

2. Decide on your script 

Of course, it doesn’t matter how good your video is if the script isn’t top-notch. Before you start filming, ensure you know exactly what you want to say in your ad and how it should be said. Consider what kind of tone and style works best for your business and use it as a guideline for crafting the perfect script. 

In addition, consider any special messages or information that should not be included in the script but shown visually during filming to avoid any confusion or grammar errors later on down the line.  

3. Find locations and props 

Find a good location to shoot your video. The right scenery can make or break it. There are a few options: Your office, someplace in nature, or somewhere that symbolizes your company’s niche. If you can’t find an ideal location for your ad, don’t worry about it. 

There are many ways to enhance a shot with editing software. It ensures that you can have professional-looking videos without requiring high-quality shots. You must be prepared to take the best videos as you make your online videos.  

4. Take the video 

Take the video you want to use, and go through the script step by step. It helps to have someone else there so you can read your ad. Have them start recording when you speak each line in the script and give them any hand signals or “on-screen” cues. This will eliminate any confusion and keep things on track during filming. 

You can create a simple “slate” by showing your logo and recording date at the beginning of your video. This is an easy way to track where you are in the production process, so when it comes time to edit, you know where everything belongs. 


Video ads are a great way to get people to take action, whether clicking on an advertisement or purchasing your product. They’re also a great way to build your brand and increase visibility for your business. An online video ad can be as simple as posting a video of yourself talking about the services you provide.  

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