Ste Anne’s Spa Review

The prophecy that has been inscribed above the spa’s front entrance says, “I have created this beautiful garden where I will send many people to be healed.”

Yes indeed. Ste Anne’s Spa is a healing place.

I had the opportunity to visit this tranquil spa resort in Grafton, Ontario on a beautiful spring day. The sun was shining. The sky was blue. The birds were chirping. It was perfect.

A sense of serenity engulfed me as soon as I passed the front gate. It was early spring, so the trees were still quite barren, but you could see the new spring grass already started popping out. It was a sign of new life.

The brick stone houses bestowed upon the place calmness and peace. Their sturdiness kept them grounded, and that in turn made me feel grounded.

Upon opening the front door of the Main Inn, I was immediately welcomed by a team of front desk employees. To the right, the cozy sofas seemed to be saying, “Welcome”.

The front door behind me slowly closed. The air told me, it was time to let go and relax.

Upon checking in, I was provided with a reusable bag with a clean white bathrobe. I then went down to the basement to change – here at Ste Anne’s Spa, you can wear your robe everywhere.

I appreciated the details: walls of hand towels that don’t run out, spotless change room floor and countertop, multiple hair dryers each with their own stations, shower caps, cotton swabs, and lotions that soothed my skin and calmed my spirit. I did wish that the change room could have more space with more benches. There is a steam room, a dry sauna room, and a small hot tub in the change room, perfect for someone who may prefer to share the space only with people of the same gender.

The spa has many other amenities, including a meditative and therapeutic hydrotherapy area, a gift/skincare shop, a restaurant, spa treatments, and acres and acres of greenery.

The hydrotherapy area consists of six outdoor pools, including a four-person hot tub. The five other outdoor pools together form a series of hydrotherapy treatments: you start with the Upper Lazy River pool, then go to the Below the Falls Sitting Jet Pool, then the Standing Jets and Waterfall Thermal Spa, then the Upper Sitting Thermal Spa, and finally the Yukon Plunge pool.

This is the Upper Sitting Thermal Spa.

The Yukon plunge was so cold that I could feel the chill in my bones. However, for some strange reason, I appreciated the fact that it was too cold for me to think, as my entire body was concentrated on the basic need to survive: keep my core warm. Tracing my shadow in the sun after I came out of the cold pool also gave me an enhanced sense of well-being. I loved being enveloped by warmth radiated from the sun.

Other than the pools, there was also a dry sauna next to the hydrotherapy area. If you take a few steps from the dry sauna area back into the Main Inn, you will soon find the Eucalyptus Inhalation Room. The hot and humid air was infused with eucalyptus, which is said to help relieve stress and respiratory symptoms.

Ste Anne’s Spa also had plenty of outdoor space for you to relax. My favourites were the hammock gazebo and the double-seated swing. They transported me right back to my childhood, and I could fall asleep soundly.

The hammock Gazebo

The food was also great. They had many options to choose from, including many healthy options.

A healthy start to the day with two poached eggs, yogurt, granola, and whole wheat bread.

I did a massage session at the spa as well. I love how it was done in a cute little house.

Throughout the day, the spa also offered plenty of wellness classes to choose from. Whether you want to have a good sweat or some guided meditation, the spa has you covered.

Ste Anne’s Spa is expensive. I did hesitate for a long time about whether to go because of the price tag, but for some reason, the spa resort kept on surfacing in my mind. I decided to splurge as a treat for myself, and I am so glad I did.

Being frugal doesn’t mean not spending any money. It means not spending money aimlessly. You should still spend money when you think it is worth it. Ste Anne’s Spa was one of the places for me, and I left relaxed and rejuvenated.


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