9 Pieces of Misleading Canadian Tax Advice to Avoid

Misleading Canadian Tax Advice to Avoid

Misleading tax advice needs to be avoided at all costs. I worry about misleading tax advice circulating on the web. Tax advice has a direct impact on people’s financial welfare, but unfortunately, sometimes, tax tips are not thoroughly vetted. Here are some of the most common misleading tax advice for Canadians that I’d like to … Read more

Why Should I Incorporate My Business?

Should I Incorporate My Business

Many people, myself included, have started side hustles to either pursue a hobby or supplement our main sources of income. As your side hustle grows, however, you may start asking yourself this question: Should I and Why should I incorporate my business? As a small business owner, what are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation, … Read more

Tax Deductions for Small Businesses – A Must-Read for Entrepreneurs

tax deductions for small businesses

Tax deductions are important tools for small businesses to lower the overall tax bills. Whether you are running a brick-and-mortar hair salon or a blog online, you know that starting and maintaining a small business requires a lot of hard work, passion, and dedication. Many of us with an entrepreneurial spirit dream about one day … Read more