How to Have a Wedding on a Budget

How to Have a Wedding on a Budget

Weddings are expensive, but yours doesn’t have to be. Here are the best tips on how to have a wedding on a budget so you can save money while still having a beautiful and memorable wedding. Limit your guest count Your guest count is one of the most important factors that impact your wedding cost. … Read more

How to Navigate Financial Emergencies: A Guide to Financial Resilience

How to Navigate Financial Emergencies

Financial emergencies can happen to anyone, regardless of their financial situation. Whether it’s an unexpected medical expense, a sudden job loss, or a major home repair, these unforeseen events can have a significant impact on your finances and create a sense of vulnerability. However, with careful planning and a proactive approach, you can navigate through … Read more

Ste Anne’s Spa Review

Ste Anne's spa review

The prophecy that has been inscribed above the spa’s front entrance says, “I have created this beautiful garden where I will send many people to be healed.” Yes indeed. Ste Anne’s Spa is a healing place. I had the opportunity to visit this tranquil spa resort in Grafton, Ontario on a beautiful spring day. The … Read more