Cheap Caribbean Vacations – The Ultimate Guide

Cheap Caribbean Vacations – The Ultimate Guide

Here is your ultimate guide to cheap Caribbean vacations! Consistently recognized as having some of the world’s finest beaches, the Caribbean is considered to be a bucket-list destination for many travelers around the globe. Whether you prefer to be wholly tethered to white-sand beaches or experience an entirely different culture rich in history and tradition, … Read more

Healthy, Delicious & Cheap: Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe

sweet potato muffin recipe

Hello, my dear readers! Today, I’d like to share my sweet potato muffin recipe. These muffins are nutritious, requires little sugar, and are absolutely delicious. This recipe calls for the simplest and most common ingredients, and is absolutely budget-friendly. I can’t wait for you to try the recipe! Note: this recipe makes 6 medium-sized muffins. … Read more

Tips on Dating

Tips on Dating in Los Angeles & Beyond

Finding the right partner to start a family is a priority on many people’s mind. Of course, the right partner doesn’t just magically appear. In most cases, it is through dating and trial and error that we learn about ourselves and what we look for in a partner. Here some practical dating tips for you. … Read more

How to Write Your First Fantasy Novel

How to Write Your First Fantasy Novel

If you are a fantasy novel lover, chances are you have dreamed of writing a bestselling fantasy novel. John Adams is here to show you some tips if you dream to be the next George R. R. Martin or J.K. Rowling of the current era. The success of fantasy novel series like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Lord … Read more

All about Bananas

all about bananas

This is a hilarious and informative post about bananas. This post is inspired by a Redditor. He left a comment on a now-removed post of mine (because I didn’t learn my lesson on self-promotion) who suggested (partially sarcastically) that I might be able to get more traffic writing something about pets or bananas. While I … Read more

Jujube & Apple Porridge Recipe

Jujube Apple Porridge Recipe

Here is a simple, delicious and inexpensive porridge recipe using jujube and apple! Hello my dear readers! Today, I’d like to share with you a recipe for a glutinous rice porridge that is packed with nutrients. The star of the recipe are the jujube fruits (Chinese red dates), which are a superfood popular in many … Read more