When Was Your Financial Awakening?

When Was Your Financial Awakening

Financial awakening is an interesting and important concept in personal finance. Chances are, you are this blog and others like it because you’re interested in the subject of personal finance. It could be because reading about personal finance is enjoyable. Or perhaps you’re looking for knowledge to achieve a specific financial objective, whether it is … Read more

Ultimate Resources List

ultimate resources list

Here, you can find a list of resources that I have curated over the years. I update this list on a regular basis to include the best ways to make money, save money and manage money! Make money Here are my favourite ways to make money online. These opportunities let you make money online without … Read more

5 Money Management Tips To Help You...
5 Money Management Tips To Help You Take Control Of Your Finances

How to Buy Your First Home

How to Buy Your First Home

Buying your first home is exciting! However, it can also be a confusing process. I am here to provide an overview and some great tips on buying your first home. Let’s get started! Here are all the steps involved, start to finish: Find out what you can afford Go house hunting Put in an offer … Read more