Timeshare Purchases 2021: How to Get the Best Bang for your Buck

With $10 billion a year in timeshare purchases (yes, billions!) Americans are spending more money buying vacation ownerships than Major League Baseball’s total annual revenue! This article, by a timeshare owner for other potential owners, will help you make a purchase that’s a great value for money. If you’re thinking to yourself, “What is a … Read more

Crypto Lending: Everything You Need to Know

While cryptocurrency is new, crypto lending is quite similar to traditional lending. With a cryptocurrency loan, a borrower typically offers up their cryptocurrency as collateral to the lender, who gives them cash or a stablecoin cryptocurrency that’s tied to a traditional currency, and charges the borrower interest on the loan. For most cryptocurrency loans, the … Read more

How to be Smarter with Money

Hello, my dear readers! As we should all know by now, money doesn’t just magically appear in our pockets. As a result, it is even more important for us to learn how to manage our hard-earned money well. Here are my top 6 tips on how to be smarter with money. Let’s check them out! … Read more

7 Best Prepaid Cards to Control Your Budget

person handles credit card

While traditional credit cards are great consumer products because they reward your spending, the best prepaid cards are useful because they can help you control your budget. If you are someone who needs to reign in spending or just get a better handle on your budget, then prepaid cards could be a good solution for … Read more