When Was Your Financial Awakening?

When Was Your Financial Awakening

Financial awakening is an interesting and important concept in personal finance. Chances are, you are this blog and others like it because you’re interested in the subject of personal finance. It could be because reading about personal finance is enjoyable. Or perhaps you’re looking for knowledge to achieve a specific financial objective, whether it is … Read more

First Citizens Bank Review 2024

First Citizens Bank review

Are you looking for a free checking account and/or a free online savings account (with paperless statements to make your life clutter-free)? First Citizens Bank has you covered. Check out my First Citizens Bank review to learn more! Who is First Citizens Bank? First Citizens has been helping families and businesses make more of their … Read more

Why the Pensions Knowledge Gap Matters

The millennial generation, roughly born between the ’80s and 2000s is typically the age that tends to be unwilling to engage with longer-term savings goals and instead, splashing out on “luxuries” such as entertainment subscriptions and eating out. Beyond this, 18-40-year-olds in England in particular, are amongst the most indebted people in Europe, with large … Read more